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ProvaMaggio 282A

EMMA DANTE's new generations Theatre
from 5 years old







In a desolate and empty shack, with scraped walls and a dirt floor covered in roots, lives a miserable family: the woodcutter, the step-mother, Hans and Gret. The only pieces of furniture in the hovel are some little chairs: the family sleeps on them, eats on them, gets sad and cheers up on them. Beacuse of their poverty, Hans and Gret are left alone in the woods, where and old meggera (a witch) imprisons them. The two brave kids, though, manage to kill the witch and get back home, saving their father's life.
A terrible fairy tale about poverty, a cruel reflection about survival at the expense of the weak. But Hans and Gret don't give up; with good cheer they overcome all obstacles and use their imagination to fill their plate in order to eat and manage to go on.
A fairy tale by the Palermitan writer and director Emma Dante, one of the finest talents of the Italian contemporary scene. She explores the concepts of family and marginalisation with her poetics of tension and folly with a hint of humor.


from 5 years old| for everyone





Written and directed by Emma Dante
with Manuela Boncaldo, Salvatore Cannova,
Clara De Rose, Nunzia Lo Presti, Lorenzo Randazzo
Scenography Carmine Maringola
Costumes Emma Dante
Lightning design Cristian Zucaro
Director's assistant Claudio Zappalà
Production assistant Daniela Gusmano
Light and sound technician Agostino Nardella





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