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from 3 years | for everyone

The show is available in English


After 28 years and over 1.500 performances worldwide, PIGIAMI continues its adventure with the same on-stage energy and theatrical innovation it has always had, proving that it still has a topical language of a rare freshness and longevity, which makes it a true classic of children’s theatre. Originating as a play for very young audiences, it has been performed for both adults and children in many countries including Italy, France, Great Britain, Spain, the United States, Canada, Croatia and Belgium.
The bedroom of an adult, who, in the evening’s solitude, discovers the pleasure of becoming a child again; a place where reciprocal curiosity and tenderness alternate in a pinwheel that has the dominant colour of a new friendship. In the show, the gestural component clearly prevails over the verbal one. The props, deliberately few in number, are things that we all usually know and use.
A perennial favourite that urges us not to keep our desire to play and dream.

Giffoni Filmfestival - Giffoni, 2003
Gran premio della giuria per la migliore rappresentazione teatrale
Premio Eti Stregagatto – Roma, 2004
Miglior spettacolo di repertorio
Premio M. Signorelli - Roma, 2007
"Premio della giuria dei bambini"
Premio LuglioBambino - Campi Bisenzio 2008
"Premio della giuria dei bambini"

Text: Nino D’Introna, Graziano Melano, Giacomo Ravicchio
Direction: Nino D’Introna, Giacomo Ravicchio
Set and costumes: François Chanal
With: Pasquale Buonarota, Alessandro Pisci


Age groups: from 3 years – for everyone
Lenght:1 hour               
Technical exigences: m (L) 7 x (P) 7 x (H) 4
Darkening of the hall:Necessary   
Assembly time:4 hours
Disassembly time:1 hour
Electric power needed:15 KW



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